How Will the Grinch Steal This Christmas? 25 DIY Craft Ideas to Celebrate a Masterpiece!


Grinch is lowkey the first fictional villain to steal the show from the main protagonists.

So much so that this iconic fictional character of Dr. Seuss is almost as famous as the Santa Claus himself!

But before waiting for Grinch to make his move this Christmas, lets take a moment the celebrate this iconic symbol with 25 of our craftiest ideas, shall we?

1. Crafting the Grinch with Salt Dough!

Kids crafting Grinch-themed playdough

Let’s start simple.Here is an amazing Grinch craft for you and your kids to get started right away!It not only uses salt dough, but also foam paper, rolling pins, pipe cleaners, black marker, and white pompoms to give it a diverse, crafty look.Don’t worry if you never prepared a slat dough before, this guide explains what xactly it is that you should do, step by step!

Get the Ideas Here: Our Ordinary Life

2. Marry Grinchmas, Everyone!

Child's handprint turned into Grinch for Christmas craft

Handprints and fingerprints on DIY crafts make it a lot more personal.If you are making necklaces, they become YOUR necklaces.If you are making ornaments, they become YOUR ornaments.And if you are making Christmas Cards, they become YOUR Christmas cards.Here is a great way to send out Grinch Christmas cards and make it them OWN Christmas cards!

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3. A Grinch Game for Classrooms and Get-togethers!

Children playing Grinch-themed game in classroom

Grade school get-togethers make some of our fondest memories.With this simple Grinch shooting game craft, you can make get-together memories for your kids to remember for years to come!Just don’t forget that you’ll need some nerf guns to play this game.

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4. Two Different Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas!

Two handmade Grinch Christmas ornaments

There is really no reason to decorate your Christmas tree with only one kind of ornament.That’s why we added here as our fourth pick, a simple guide showing you how to make 2 different kinds of Grinch ornaments to decorate your Christmas Tree with!They are both easy to make, and the main difference is the texture you add to the look of these ornaments by the figures you add inside the transparent ornament shells.

Get the Ideas Here: Bullocks Buzz

5. Grinch-themed Wine Bottles for Christmas!

Handcrafted Grinch-themed wine bottle

Of course, a little refreshment can always be of help during a celebration!Here is a simple guide showing you how to make a stylish, cute, and definitely eye-catching Grinch-themed wine bottle!

Get the Ideas Here: Leap of Faith Crafting

6. Grinch Themed Bath Bomb!

Homemade Grinch-themed bath bomb

A list of craft ideas of Grinch would be meaningless if we didn’t add a bath bomb on the list!Now, making bath bombs can be a little tricky for the inexperienced, but don’t worry. This guide shows you this simplest and most effective method to make a bath bomb, and make it Grinch-themed at the same time!

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7. Grinch’s Wooden Heart Necklace!

Wooden heart-shaped Grinch ornament

Hearth-shaped necklaces always make great Grinch craft ideas.And this guide shows you one of the simplest ways to make them!

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8. Use a Plastic Spoon to Craft the Grinch!

Handmade Grinch Christmas ornament made from a spoon

This is a simple guide showing you how to make a Grinch ornament in only a few short steps.And unlike many of the other Christmas tree ornaments, this craft idea creatively uses plastic spoons to make the shape resemble a whole body instead of just a circle!

Get the Ideas Here: The Joy of Sharing

9. The Standard Issue Paper Plate Grinch

Grinch craft made from a paper plate

There are many paper plate crafts ideas simply because they make every craft a lot easier than it could have been.And so, we added quite a bit of paper plate craft ideas on our list this time to give you a couple different ideas on how you can make yourself a Grinch in the simplest way possible.To start with them, this paper plate Grinch idea is the “standard issue” among all paper plate ideas. It is simplistic, it doesn’t require you to cut and rearrange the plate, and it gets the job done nonetheless.

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10. The Fastest Way to Craft a Grinch!

Grinch craft made from a toilet paper roll

Cardboard rolls have always been one of the most common DIY crafts tools.Especially when it comes to making the craft easy and effective at the same time, as there are many ways you can use this geometric shape.But this craft idea mostly makes use of the toilet paper rolls ability to make the craft simpler.

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11. A Paper Plate Grinch with a Twist!

Child's Grinch craft made from a paper plate

Here is another way to craft the Grinch with a paper plate.But this idea requires you to cut and rearrange the plates to make the figure look a lot more genuine and textured.Give this guide a try to make your Grinch craft easier than ever!

Get the Ideas Here: iHeartCraftyThings

12. Dollar Store Grinch for a Simple Craft!

DIY Grinch-themed Christmas decorations

Ready for a DIY guide like none other?This guide strictly makes use of dollar store items to cut the budget and make your Grinch crafts a lot more affordable!

Get the Ideas Here: Leap of Faith Crafting

13. The Grinch’s Growing Hearth Necklace with Fingerprint!

Grinchmas ornament made from child's fingerprint

As we said earlier, fingerprints and handprints make every craft a lot more personal and sentimental.This guide shows you a very cute and simple way for your kids to make fingerprinted Grinch necklaces for this Christmas!

Get the Ideas Here: Teach Me Mommy

14. Salt Dough Grinch Ornaments

Child-made Grinch Christmas ornament from salt dough

Here is a Christmas tree ornament idea making it a lot easier for you to make adjustments and adding your own style and characteristic into your crafts!Guide shows you the fundamentals of making a slat dough and turning it into a grinch-themed ornaments. But the rest is on you. You can make as different and as creative designs as you want on these cute little tokens!

Get the Ideas Here: Kitchen Counter Chronicles

15. A Funnier Way to Make Salt Dough Grinch!

Grinch-themed playdough for Christmas

So, this craft idea is kind of the exact opposite of the previous one.Instead of showing you a fundamental but adjustable way to make Grinch-themed salt dough figures, this guide shows you a way to make a fun, amusing, and stylish, but not so adjustable Grinch-themed idea!

Get the Ideas Here: Messy Little Monster

16. The Grinch’s Growing Heart Ornament

Child crafting a Grinch Christmas ornament

This would very well count as the third to the double Christmas ornaments for our fourth pick on the list.The main difference is that this ornament uses a variety of figures inside the transparent shells.

Get the Ideas Here: Buggy and Buddy

17. The Best Popsicle Stick Grinch You Can Make!

Grinch craft made from popsicle sticks

Popsicle sticks, for most of the time, leads to some of the most simplistically amazing looking craft ideas in the entire DIY culture. But this little popsicle stick Grinch idea is easily the #1 popsicle stick craft of both Grinch-themed ideas and any other craft idea there is, period.

Get the Ideas Here: Rainy Day Mum

18. Easy to Craft Paper Plate Grinch!

Grinch craft made from a paper plate

Our next pick for a paper plate craft resembles some of the features of our first paper plate Grinch pick on our list. They are both “standard issue” in some sense.But this idea makes a little difference by choosing to add a little texture the Grinch’s hat with the use of pompoms/cotton balls!

Get the Ideas Here: Simply Today Life

19. A Kid-friendly Grinch Artwork!

Child's craft of Grinch's heart

This cardboard Grinch Artwork is perfect to be attached to your fridge!It is super easy to make, and your kids can get to it right away!

Get the Ideas Here: Non-Toy Gifts

20. A Simple Way to Make Grinch Face for Decorations! (+Template)

Grinch craft made from a paper plate

This is the last paper plate Grinch idea on our list, and it requires some cutting to get done.But other than that, it is still quite easy to craft, and your kids are going to have and amazing time crafting and playing with these Grinches!

Get the Ideas Here: Simple Everyday Mom

21. Wood Slice Grinch Ornaments – A Christmas Classic!

Grinch ornaments made from wood slices

It would never be a real Christmas DIY list without including at least one wood slice ornament idea! And the Grinch is definitely going to get his fair share of authentic wooden Christmas tree ornaments ideas.Check out this simple guide to get started right away!

Get the Ideas Here: Frugal Mom Eh!

22. Use Handprints to Make Grinch Christmas Cards!

Christmas card featuring a Grinch handprint

As we said earlier, Christmas cards are a lot better and personal with either handprints or fingerprints on them.But this craft idea really carries that idea to a whole new level by perfectly hiding the handprint silhouette within the Grinch figure!

Get the Ideas Here: I Heart Arts n Crafts

23. Simple Guide to Make a Grinch Christmas Tree!

Table-top Grinch-themed Christmas tree

It’s not often we use live trees in a craft idea.But using evergreen tree to represent the head of the grinch is absolutely the pinnacle of creativity in any DIY craft idea there is!This idea is slightly harder in comparison to some of our other crafts ideas, but it’ll be totally worth it after you put some effort into it.

Get the Ideas Here: Garden Therapy

24. Grinch Handprint Christmas Ornaments to Decorate Your Christmas Tree With!

Grinch ornament made from a handprint

This handprint ornament idea is a great way for your kids to imprint their creativeness into your new Christmas tree Grinch-themed ornaments!It is relatively east to make, even though the guide doesn’t provide you with a salt dough recipe. Feel free to use some of the other salt dough recipes from our picks!

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25. The Grinch’s Growing Heart – Grinch Christmas Cards!

Homemade Christmas ornament of the Grinch's heart

For our final pick, one of the most quirky and tasteful Grinch-themed Christmas card ideas you can find online!But the thing is, the guide is originally meant to show you a way to craft Christmas ornaments but it also works great as a Christmas Card idea, if you put it in print!It is just so potent in terms of representing every quirky reference people make about the Grinch. Plus, it includes a little more than what any other Christmas card does with its stylish wooden heart piece tied around the actual ornament.

Get the Ideas Here: Fun-a-Day

Did you enjoy our list?

Which idea was your favorite on this list?

What else would you suggest grinch to do on this Christmas?

Let us know in the comments down below and make sure to tune in for more craft idea lists!


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